Sunday, January 18, 2009

Z Brush 3.1 - 3D Design and Sculpting

ZBrush 3.1

gives you access to unparalleled power and control previously unknown in digital art creation software. Controls enable sculptors to create with a stylus and a tablet as intuitively as if they were using their hands on a block of clay. ZBrush further extends the creation experience, harnessing technology and providing artists with a multitude of creation-enhancing tools.


Posing your model is as simple as moving an action line. Create a mask to isolate an area, click and drag. It’s no more complicated than posing a clay model with your fingers.


Matcap lets you apply real world texturing and lighting to your model. Sample a few points from your chosen photograph or texture; apply to your model, and seconds later you’ve got a model complete with texture and lighting

Perspective camera:

The perspective camera gives you the ability to apply perspective to your model, giving you the ability to adjust your focal length at will


Multithreaded support for up to 256 processors let ZBrush compute at the speed of your imagination

HD Geometry:

Up to a billion polygons allow you to create objects with almost infinite detail HD Geometry allows you to divide your model to 1 billion polygons, and your system will only process the polygons visible onscreen


ZSpheres makes simple and fast work of creating a new topology. And the projection feature lets you shrink-wrap your topology to an existing model

Scripted Interface:

ZBrush’s integrated scripting lets you create an interface that suits your workflow and your needs. Move existing interface items as you like, or add entirely new buttons and palettes to your interface.

User Defined Alpha and texture Start up:

Customize your environment with the alphas, textures, materials and plug-ins you use most


Create, view or export ZBrush tutorials, movies, turntables, models, and even time-lapse videos of your sculpting process

Download Z Brush 3.1

Download Z Brush 3.1 Keygen and Update

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